Why there is the API Hood

In a really small team, we know first-hand, how hard it is to get, clean, process, calculate and sometimes even understand data that would be helpful for an application. Or even for a small business. So we wanted to share with other developers what we have built for ourselves.

So if some of our APIs are solving your problem, be welcome and build with them!

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Provided APIs

You can test any of the API using a generous free plan. We are providing the APIs via RapidAPI Marketplace. Click on the API detail to learn more about it.

Ocean wave

Global Tides API

This API provides the tidal heights and extremes predictions globally.

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Text Analysis API

Providing lemmatizer for 10 languages together with various term statistics like term frequency, term density, automated readability index...

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Webpage wireframe

Geodata API

Provides various geo located data for particular location.

Comming soon

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